Hey, Sweet Friends! I am so glad you have decided to join us over here at the Homes & Heels Blog. I’m excited to share with you a little bit more about myself, my second chance, and all things life behind the instagram account. I am a 30 year old Mama, Wife, Business Woman, and Christ Follower. I have two daughters, Paisley- Five and Leah- Three. I am married to my soulmate, Stephen- which is how I inherited the most memorable part about me, my last name, Batman. haha! Yes, It’s real folks. Pronounced just the way it looks. Meaning that since November 10th of 2012 everyone stopped calling me Madalyn and started calling me ‘Mrs. Batman’. . because why wouldn’t ya? 😆

Together [with our girls] Stephen and I run three companies- Our main hub being our Real Estate Company. We help people find and BUY their dream homes, SELL their current house so they can move on to their next adventure, and INVEST in homes to build an equitable future and a retirement plan. We also run and own ‘Batman Enterprises’ which is our rental, flipping, and home building company. When it comes to Real Estate, we literally do it ALL. And have for just about all of our lives. You could say we were born into the business. Stephen handles most of the agent part and I handle the renovations, designing, staging, ETC. What you probably *wouldn’t* expect is that more times than not Im one of the construction workers on the job. A true split personality at its finest! I love power tools, heavy lifting, and getting dirty/ working with my hands JUST AS MUCH as I love Heels, cute dresses, and make-up. Hopefully the whole “Homes & Heels” thing is starting to make a little more since now. Lol

I am a Lakeland, FL native- born and raised, although my entire side of the family now lives in Nashville, Tennessee and has been there for quite some time! About 1/2 my life they were here and the other 1/2 they have been there, and since home is where your heart is, I always say I have two homes! Which is a perfect situation for my sole- I love both the Beach life and the Woods life.

One of the biggest shocks of my life? A little over a year ago, at the ripe age of 28, I had a Stroke. Thankfully, Stephen was home at the time and was able to call for the paramedics (who just happen to be in the neighborhood already). They got to me in lightning fast time, kept oxygen to my brain, and got me to the hospital in time to save my life. The stroke left me paralyzed, bed ridden, and unable to move for quite some time as everyone held their breath. I had a torn vertebral artery and a blood clot just outside the base of the brain causing a 100% blockage. Inoperable. The tear and clot were positioned too close to the brain stem to operate on without causing brain damage or even death. SO! We took our chances. We prayed, we loved, and we held on for whatever ride was coming our way. Thankful for the time and life that had been granted up to this point.

And then- In what I like to call true God fashion- he granted me a miracle. The clot disintegrated, the artery healed “beautifully” to quote my neurosurgeon (who was in utter disbelief), and slowly with a lot of determination and hard work I was able to walk again. And I haven’t looked back since. Each day brings more improvement and an incredibly freeing outlook on life! An appreciation I could have never even dreamt of having before all of this.

My latest visit with the Neurologists brought to light that there was no medical explanation for why or how all of it this had happened, along with no explanation as to how the healing process worked the way it did or how I was able to gain back all the movement I was able to. The team of doctors on my case deemed it a ‘freak accident.’ They also added that without knowing what caused it in the first place- they have no way of providing surety that it wouldn’t happen again. SO- After leaving that appointment, I had myself a good little cry. .and then. . . ‘Homes and Heels’ was born!

Blogging was always something I had in he back of my mind as something I would just LOVE LOVE LOVE to do, but I was way to scared to try. But you know what. . . I love my family and finding fun adventures to go on together, and I love affordable fashion. I love to travel, I love new makeup tips, tricks, and products. And I love hair styling tips for both my busy days and my date nights with my hubby. I love easy recipes that result in great dinners that encourage family time around the table at the end of our busy days, and I love renovating and designing and all things home, and learning how to juggle the balance of beautiful home improvements all while on a budget. And more than all of that, I love SHARING and writing about what I’ve learned!! I love keeping a journal of it all.  So why not blog??? Why not do ANYTHING in life you really want to do.It’s too short and it’s not something that is guaranteed for even another second.

So here’s to doing whatever it is that sets the soul on fire, what sparks joy in life, and for taking in every second without fear of the future! I encourage you to do this- and hope you’ll join me in my journey as I try to do the same.

This is going to be a great relationship, I can already tell.


Madalyn . . . or Mrs. Batman 😉   (haha- that never gets old!)


Hi, friends! I'm Madalyn Batman. My husband Stephen and I have a real estate company where we live in Lakeland, Florida, with our two daughters. Fashion, beauty, and design are my passion, and I want to share as many tips, outfits, products, and stories with all of you as I possibly can! So happy to have you here!

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